Payroll System

The Software

ChamPsoft is a new kind of payroll software that creates user friendly atmosphere in the payment of Staff Salary and the management of accounting in any organization (big or small). It uses Excel as an application tools in its implementation. It helps to make faster and quick decisions in the payment of staff salary which drives spectacular top and bottom line results. All over the world, financial information's are being analyzed through Excel Application using Financial Modeling in Excel approach.

ChamPsoft empowers the end users to create and drive their own analysis without consulting IT department of their Organization. Its unique architecture nature automatically optimizes quick performance and reliable result. It has an audit component which automatically audits the payroll.

ChamTech being a fast growing software developer has developed ChamPsoft for some organizations which proved to be very reliable. Currently, Quality Insurance Company is among those using ChamPsoft. It has a platform that simplifies analysis for every user and it is user friendly and provides superfast information.

What can our Payroll System Do?

The software is able to analyze the Payroll data into the followings;

A - Master Payroll

  • Calculation of PAYE- Tax is calculated automatic base on the current tax grading system
  • Salary Pay-Slip
  • SSNIT - 1ST Tier and 2nd Tier
  • Staff loan deductions
  • Staff External Loan deductions
  • Staff Provident Fund
  • Staff association membership dues- TUC, PMSU, etc.
  • Staff Group Term Policy
  • Staff Welfare deductions
  • Staff other deductions

B - Auditing Component

  • Automatic Journal Voucher to track the accuracy of the payroll- No human interference. This helps to post payroll transactions directly into the ledger accounts.
  • There is Net Salary payment component which links the various bank transfers to the Net Salary on the Master Payroll.

C - Net Salary Payment

  • It links the Individual net salary transfers to their various banks including; Name of bank, branch, account number, net transfers.
  • The total of these are linked from the Master Payroll without any human interference.

ChamPsoft provides analysis and reporting that is;

  • Easy to use
  • Broadly distributed
  • Flexible

Other benefits are;

  • One time payment
  • No maintenance fees
  • Stand by support services
  • Reliability

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