What We Do


What Problems are we really Solving?

We address the problem of unemployment and lack of entrepreneurial drive amongst young people by bridging the competency gap between the training offered by Universities and the job criteria of organisations or the requirements for setting up a business. We help young people develop skills and capabilities with a view to better preparing them for the requirement of work, adding value and contributing to national economic growth.

Entrepreneur Programmes

We offer a range of business support, skills development, business growth and mentorship solutions through our proven and effective programmes, training and workshops. We organise educational, entrepreneurial, leadership and personal development conferences and masterclasses to inspire and empower young people to fulfil their potential.

In a space of one year, we have had over 5,000 trainees in different vocations which has assisted a good number of them to be self-reliant.

Non-profit Programmes

CareerCaptains have significant plans to work with non-profit sectors through collaborations with Non-profit Organization across the world especially those very much interested in developing individuals into discovering their potentials, skills, talents etc and training them to become self-reliant and entrepreneurs.


As part of our quest to creating a network of people who are bold and confident in their chosen Careers. We have created and still grooming a Career Media Network named CareerTV where we showcase:

  • Our already trained Captains (as we usually call our Trainees) that are already putting their acquired skill and practice into practice.
  • Their Products or Services to the public through adverts and promotions
  • Successful Career Personalities in every works of life as role models to encourage upcoming generations.
  • Educative documentaries that is helpful to the sustenance of Career Development and Management of everyone.

With CareerTV, we create more opportunities of discovery for all of our Captains to be seen by private and corporate investors to partner with us to accommodate our interns in getting opportunity to demonstrate their potentials at every level.


Since one of the major challenge for startups and growing entrepreneurs is funding, we try to put up Funding and Grant programs for selected numbers who have proven the implementation and sustainability of their projects through proposals, tests and interviews. These are given based on the size of the project. Winners of such grants and funding are monitored and supervised to ensure the fund is directed to the intended project and proper advise and support is given for the growth of such project so as to yield positive results.


We place graduates with businesses to accelerate their productivity. Once we know what you require, we will advertise these roles, send you a shortlist of carefully selected graduates and arrange an interview. We also provide opportunities for students to meet you at Career Fairs and one off events such as bespoke skills and awareness sessions, and employer presentations.