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CareerCaptains Internship program is designed to provide students engaged in a field experience with an opportunity to share their insights, to explore the links between students' academic preparation and their field works, and to assist participants in developing and carrying out the major research project which will serve to culminate their internship experience.

Internships are individualized and tailored to the needs and interests of each student in the program. As part of the internship experience, students are expected to take an active role in finding an appropriate internship for themselves. Many students pursue their own contacts, here we are providing a bridge between you and potential ground to explore.


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  2. We match your application with in your requested field and you are communicated as we get matching requests.
  3. Internship can be FREE, PAID or EITHER. Your choice should be indicated in your application.
    *NOTE: Stipends can be paid to Interns as support.

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