Executive Career Club (E2C)

Executive Career Club (E2C)

This is a platform for already established and experienced working class and business owners ready to:

  1. network and create viable platforms for startups, young and growing entrepreneurs to operate
  2. share their experiences to help upcoming generations grow their career.

This will very well extend to such a platform where tested and trusted individuals can easily get access to job vacancies relating to their fields in organizations under our Executive Network. Executives of various companies and organization can rely on our network to have capable hands handle their projects and developmental activities in their organizations.

We provide a unique, flexible and unbeatable service for employers. We work with employers to ensure a better-quality field of work ready graduates.

Once we know what you require, we will advertise the role(s) to suitable graduates on our database. We will send a shortlist of carefully selected candidates and arrange an interview.

Aside that, our network of executives can gain reliability in one another in the implementation of contracts and projects.