About Us

Our Vision

To see people become champions by developing their innate abilities in putting concepts into action and practice ensuring that their energy is converted to resourcefulness.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer every person a platform for self-discovery to be able to innovatively explore their innate potentials.

CareerCaptains is powered and engineered by people of great and broad minds. We expect the minds that are set to unleash the opportunities that surrounds us through insight to enter into the CareerCaptains Ark and create our own world of creativity and development in every sphere of human endeavors. Therefore, everyone is relevant as long as you are ready to challenge the giant within to mount to the seat of greatness.


  • Federal and State Ministries of works
  • Institute of Business Technology Management of Nigeria.
  • Institute of Financial and Investment Studies, Ghana.

Our Motive

We are CareerCaptains International, an organization which is into Career Development and Management, Human Resources, Consulting and Trainings (Leadership, Professional and Vocational).

We are incorporated under the companies and allied matters Decree 1, of 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, since October, 2012 with BN: 2232717 and in Republic of Ghana since September, 2017 with RN: CS49292017 both in West Africa.

We are an autonomous body representing the interest of those wishing to take up responsibilities in the bid to meet their daily challenges with ease without the stress of looking for jobs and as well get a platform where employers that has open vacancies that might meet the quest of the job seekers. On this platform, there are opportunities to meet various experts and professionals that will help in upgrading qualities, gifts, talents and efficiency of everyone that are objective driven.


The aims and objectives of this platform are:

  • To serve as central body of authority for those engaged or about to engage in career opportunities.
  • To maintain an established relationship with career men and women in order to enhance productivity and safe working ethics.
  • To train people and conduct series of tests for those engaged or about to engage in employment.
  • To organize and run Executive manpower development programmes, seminars, conferences etc. for the benefits and standardization of employees in commerce, industry and public services.
  • To enhance Professional, Vocational and Technical education.
  • To train and empower people in other opportunities of engagement that is self reliant.
  • To help in self discovery of everyone that may want to be self employed and does not know how to go about it.
  • To be a bridging gap between self employed people and financial aids that may be required.
  • To effectively achieve the afore-mentioned aims, CareerCaptains shall:
    • Create manpower development institutions individually or in collaboration with recognized training institutions.
    • Establish networks throughout with Human resources Directors and Managers of organizations to share common views.
    • Publish Journals, Newsletter, Magazine, books relating to the Human resources Management and other general literature that will be of benefits to members.
    • Assist members to effectively run Business bureau in all fields by providing appropriate counselling services as and when needed.
    • Assist the arms of government and business on matters relating to effective Human Resources Management to eliminating unemployment.
    • Undertake the professional visits to other countries for comparable studies etc.