Children Career Club (3C)

Children Career Club (3C)

Career Captains International is a Career Development Organization established to facilitate Career fulfilment in every prospective individual even right as they grow. Only the champions are celebrated in the world and to become a champion in any field it requires mentorship from successful individuals in the field. Hence the need to have a platform that can be helpful in bringing out the best in them.

This is a network of growing children of every age ranging from basic classes to senior secondary schools. All of these children have natural gifts and talents that need to be discovered, explored and groomed for personal development. Children Career Club (3C) has set in motion different extracurricular activities and programs that will facilitate bringing out the natural gifts inbuilt in every one as there is none without at least one. The reigning Champions in their various fields in the world today are the people who improved on their natural God given talents and gifts in sports, Music, Arts and Crafts, Engineering, Medics e.t.c.

Some of the areas in which 3C has prepared to groom her members are:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Art & Crafts
  • Computer and IT training
  • Talk show
  • Drama
  • Engineering
  • Modelling and lots more

Some of the Benefits of joining Children Career Club (3C)

  • It does not distract the members' normal school activities as most 3C activities will be during their holiday
  • periods.
  • Each member will have a customized Identification Card that can grant the member access to Career Captains facilities (Education, Health, Recreational etc.) in any state in Nigeria and affiliations outside Nigeria.
  • Each member will enjoy subsidized rates in services of various affiliated organizations both locally and internationally.
  • Each member will have privilege to educative instructional materials and tools from CCI that will expose them to early self discovery.
  • Once a member, the child will be monitored and guided in their educational programs through our trained, seasoned and experienced Career Counsellors in partnership with their school management.
  • The member will be privileged to participate in CCI SCHOLARSHIP programs at all levels.
  • The member will attend CCI Career symposiums, trainings, seminars and conferences with their counterparts both locally and internationally.
  • The member will enjoy access to Educative Career Development information on CCI website where they can gain different career options, possibilities and get new discoveries.

The world is changing. Early children development will give the parents rest of mind, peace in the community and the world at large. A trained child will rather use their gifts and talents legitimately than being taken advantage of by external factors that could lead to other vices rampaging the world today. These Children have talents. Join hand with CAREER CAPTAINS INTERNATIONAL'S 3C to guide these children to world class outstanding opportunities.